Tackling environmental challenges with the ISO 14000 family of International Standards

Date : 11 January 2010

ISO has published a new, updated brochure providing a basic introduction, as its title indicates, to Environmental management – The ISO 14000 family of International Standards.

The 12-page, colour brochure is the latest edition of a successful publication first released in 1998, two years after the launching of the first standards in the ISO 14000 family. Since then, the ISO 14000 standards have achieved a worldwide impact and the brochure gives a concise idea of  how the family has evolved to provide comprehensive solutions to the range of environmental challenges facing business, government and society today.

The brochure was authored by experts from ISO technical committee ISO/TC 207, Environmental management, which is responsible for the the ISO 14000 family. They point out that the ISO 14000 standards not only provide environmental benefits, but also significant tangible economic benefits, including the following: